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Meeting Planner MasterMind Training

Meeting Planning MasterMind Training

Join us for Meeting Planning MasterMind!
It's the best way to Master your career and move your skills to a new level.

Meeting Planning MasterMind Training is the newest and most advanced technique in training meeting planners on the fine details of their jobs taught from the Insider's view of a hotel or convention center. Many meeting planning courses are taught by meeting planners, but the MasterMind session gives the planner access to the Operations, Finances, Negotiating and Contracting priorities of a hotel or convention center.

During each segment of the training, a MasterMind Workshop reviews the new information and allows planners the time and guidance to plan their next steps in Site Selection, Negotiations or Contracting.

Best of all, the Convention Industry Council has extended 15 CE's, Continuing Education Credit Hours, (CE's) for attendees of the Meeting Planning MasterMind to apply to their CMP. A CMP requires 25 CE hours over a 5-year period—the Meeting Planning MasterMind delivers more than half the CMP requirement in a two-day, fact-packed session!

2019 training

Louisville, KY
July 29-31, 2019

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Visit Bluegrass country when the Meeting Planning MasterMind returns to Louisville this Summer. Explore Louisville as the city is about to be transformed by an additional $1 billion investment in infrastructure. Enhancements include a renovation and expansion of the downtown convention center that will increase Louisville’s meetings prospects by 25 percent. The convention “package” will also become more competitive with the addition of 1,500 rooms including a 600-room Omni Hotel adjacent to the center and the city’s primary entertainment corridors. Add the 10 distilleries that will comprise an Urban Bourbon Experience, and Louisville is an entirely new destination.

Our Benefits

You'll gain powerful information and negotiation tactics, usually reserved for only the biggest clients—until now.

With the economy starting to return to a growth mode, attending the Meeting Planner Training Camp will help you take advantage of the current market and deliver exceptional value for every event. The Meeting Planning MasterMind will help you do just that— you will have Insider Information, with new tactics and techniques, making you a valuable asset to your group and ahead of your competition.

  • Get hotels competing against each other (and trimming prices in the process) with these "Top 3 Tips" for designing a meeting they really want to host.
  • Golden rule: Everything is negotiable. And once you know how a hotel makes its money, you'll know which parts are the most negotiable.
  • Top 5 negotiation tips for working with sales managers—Create a win-win contract for you, the venue, and the hotel to receive better service at exceptional prices, and they're happy to have you!
  • Advanced Contract Negotiations and Clauses—Attrition, Cancellation, Room blocks vs. meeting space available—how to negotiate standard and non-standard contract terms.